9. The 'East-fjords'

The 'East-fjords' is the name of all the fjords in the eastern part of the country. The mountains are rather steep there and the road follows the shore much of the time. There are many small towns on the way worth visiting. You can go down to the harbour and there you might see some kids fishing or just playing around. If you have equipment you can try fishing too as you don't need any permissions.
Seyðisfjörður is one of these towns, about 30 km from Egilsstadir. The car ferry 'MV Norröna' of Smyril Line comes to Seyðisfjörður from Hanstholm in Denmark and Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands every week. It also calls at Bergen, Norway and Scrabster, Scotland.
Other small towns are for example Reyðarfjörður, Eskifjörður and Neskaupsstaður.