8. Egilsstaðir

Egilsstadir is the main town in the Eastern part of Iceland with about 2300 inhabitants. The town has an airport, college, hospital and of course a swimming pool. Lately there has been much growth in Egilsstadir and nearby towns because of the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Project and Alcoa's aluminum smelting plant in Reyðarfjörður.
Egilsstaðir stands by a river called 'Lögurinn'. It is very nice driving to Hallormstaðaskógur, one of the biggest 'forrests' in Iceland where you can also find a tree exhibition. Stop for example at 'Atlavik' by the river, which extends itself and is a lake there. It is believed that the lake is inhabited by the famous serpent monster called 'Lagarfljótsormurinn', whose back is sometimes sighted rising over the waves.